An Apprenticeship in Procurement and Supply with Hope Edwards

With many organisations choosing Aspire Procurement Training as their main provider for apprenticeships in procurement and supply, we sit down with one of our apprentice students, Hope Edwards, to talk about her time at Aspire! Hope gives her thoughts on what she liked most about the apprenticeship and advice for other students studying.

Tell us about your role and organisation
I am currently working in Warrington as an assistant buyer for a civil engineering company. In my current role, I deal with the hiring and buying of plant and materials for around fifteen sites across the United Kingdom.

Why did you want to study an apprenticeship?

I opted for an apprenticeship in procurement and supply not only because it was the most relevant apprenticeship for my role as an assistant buyer, but because it includes the CIPS accreditation. It’s also great from an employer perspective because depending on whether your organisation is a levy payer, they can fund the CIPS accreditations for FREE or for as little as 5%.

What did you like most about the apprenticeship in procurement and supply?
The thing I like most about the apprenticeship is the classroom learning study method. I have had the opportunity to get to know fellow class mates who are in similar job roles to me but varying industries and it certainly helps to get different perspectives.

How has the apprenticeship benefited you and your job role?
The apprenticeship has benefited me massively – both in myself and my job role. The apprenticeship has boosted my confidence within my job and my knowledge and skills have certainly increased. There is always someone at Aspire to ask if I need help or if I’m not sure about something, and the classrooms are incredibly helpful for understanding the content of the CIPS syllabus. I also feel like through undertaking the apprenticeship in procurement and supply, I had the perfect work-life balance as I had to complete the apprenticeship within core working hours. I’m very thankful for that.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship in procurement and if so, what advice would you give to other students?
I would 100% recommend an apprenticeship in procurement and supply. An apprenticeship in procurement and supply will teach you globally accepted best practice techniques and valuable skills. Working in buying is a very busy job and having the extra support to develop skills and knowledge has been great. In terms of advice, I would advise other apprentice students to give it their all and they will get the results they are after!

Apprenticeship training in Procurement and Supply Assistant (Level 3) and Commercial Procurement & Supply (Level 4) are available immediately. Aspire is accredited as a CIPS Centre of Excellence and our apprenticeships offers excellent development and the opportunity for students to graduate with a world-respected CIPS accreditation. For more insight into our Apprenticeships, click here.

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