Apprenticeships are now available to employees wanting to improve their skills and knowledge to enhance their career. The following apprenticeships are quite unique, in that they include CIPS accreditation:

Level 4 - Diploma in
Procurement & Supply

Level 3 - Advanced
Certificate in
Procurement and Supply

Held over two years, an Apprenticeship in Procurement and Supply will contribute positively to your employees work performance, teaching your employee skills which add significant value to their job role.

What is the apprenticeship levy?

The Apprenticeship Levy applies to all organisations based within the UK (public & non-public sector) with a payroll of £3,000,000 or more. You can use your organisation's levy to pay for the CIPS Apprenticeship which incorporates the CIPS Level 3 or Level 4 course.

Who is eligible?

The apprenticeship will teach your employees the relevant knowledge and skills and how to apply new expertise to their work. This apprenticeship will enhance your employee’s overall performance, enabling them to deliver improved service to your customers and key stakeholders within the workplace whilst taking into account costing strategies, relationship building and negotiation skills that will add value to the organisation.

On completion of the apprenticeship, individuals will have gained the CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate or Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply, along with the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour they would have acquired in year two.

Benefits to the Organisation

Benefits to the Employee

This apprenticeship is available to all employees of all ages who work within procurement or supply chain roles and want to develop their knowledge and skills and gain the valuable CIPS qualification.

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