Aimed at senior procurement professionals and heads of department. It is targeted at building strategic direction and advice, in areas such as change management, stakeholder management and team leadership.

On successful completion of the Diploma, Advanced and Professional diplomas along with 3 year’s experience in a position of responsibility in procurement and supply you will be awarded MCIPS status.

Package Includes

Virtual Classroom or Skype Tutorials, CIPS Text Books, Case Studies, Slide Packs, Exam Technique Guide, Sample Exam Questions


Who Should Consider This Level

  • Strategic / Senior Manager
  • Purchasing / Procurement Manager
  • Head of Procurement / Head of Commercial
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Head of Logistics / Transport
  • Operations Manager

Course Formats

  • Virtual Classroom Courses (Monday 1 pm – 4 pm)
  • Skype Tutorials with Personal Tutor – 28 Skype Tutorials (Distance Learning with a tutor to talk to and set your own tutorial times)

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Courses Content & Modules

The Level 6 Professional Diploma is aimed at individuals who have obtained their Level 5 qualification and wish to progress their learning to Level 6 which gives you a degree level qualification and allows you to apply for CIPS member status (MCIPS).

The 4 core and 3 elective modules at this level:

  • CORE M1:  Strategic Ethical Leadership
  • CORE M2:  Global Commercial Strategy 
  • CORE M3:  Global Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • CORE M4:  Future Strategic Challenges (Case Study with 1.5 hour exam that can only be taken in May or November)
  • Elective M5:   Strategic Programme Leadership
  • Elective M8:  Innovation in Procurement & Supply 
  • Elective M9:  Supply Network Design

Entry Requirements

You will need to have achieved the CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement & Supply.

Module Examinations

Assessment is by three x 3 hour written examination, one 1.5 hour case study exam and three 1.5 hour multiple choice exams. CIPS exam weeks are detailed on the course schedule.

NB. All students have to join CIPS as a Student Member (£187) Membership & exam fees are paid directly to CIPS by the student.

CIPS exam fees & Exam Venue Fees £636 +£51 vat

Joining a CIPS qualification programme means you will join the largest Institute in the world for those working in procurement and supply. You can join as a member online or by downloading a membership form.

Packages, Prices & Schedules

If you’re interested in this course, please contact us for more information about the packages, price and schedules.