Apprenticeships are available to employees wanting to improve their skills and knowledge to enhance their career. The following apprenticeships are quite unique, in that they include industry body accreditation, such as CIPS and APM:

Apprenticeship man

Procurement and
Supply (Level 4)

Apprenticeship in procurement and supply

Senior Procurement
& Supply Chain
Professional (Level 6)


and supply
assistant (Level 3)

Training for organisations

Project Management
(Level 4)

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Held over two years, these programs will contribute positively to your employees work performance, teaching your employee skills which add significant value to their job role.

Why opt for an Apprenticeship in Procurement and Supply?

Throughout their journey, employees the relevant knowledge and skills and how to apply new expertise to their work. This program will enhance your employee’s overall performance, enabling them to deliver improved service to your customers and key stakeholders within the workplace whilst taking into account costing strategies, relationship building and negotiation skills that will add value to the organisation.

On completion, individuals will have gained the CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate or Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply, along with the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour they would have acquired in year two.

Benefits to the Organisation

The structure of the learning ensures that employees become fully qualified and competent procurement professionals who can deliver optimum supply chain solutions, taking into account lifecycle costing strategies, risk assessment and the development of relationships that will add value to the organisation.

Injecting the knowledge, skills and behaviours acquired from the apprenticeship will add a whole new dimension to your workplace, bringing with it a fresh perspective and new ideas.

When evaluating the learning outcomes, an apprenticeship can add value to your organisation by encouraging you to look at the way you do things internally, leading you to make improvements and becoming more efficient.

Benefits to the Employee

This apprenticeship is available to all employees of all ages who work within procurement or supply chain roles and want to develop their knowledge and skills and gain the valuable CIPS qualification.

An apprenticeship in procurement and supply is an exciting option - employees get hands-on training and also the chance to put their knowledges, skills and behaviours into practice.

On completion of the programme, individuals will achieve the relevant CIPS qualification. As an internationally recognised qualification, studying CIPS will enable the employee to learn globally accepted best practice techniques and adopt methods that will add significant value to their role within the business.

A procurement apprenticeship is a structured training program that combines on-the-job learning with formal education. It is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in procurement.

The duration of a procurement apprenticeship can vary, but it typically lasts between 18 to 24 months. The specific length will depend on the level of apprenticeship. 

The Apprenticeship Levy applies to all organisations based within the UK (public & non-public sector) with a payroll of £3,000,000 or more. You can use your organisation's levy to pay for the CIPS Apprenticeship which incorporates the CIPS Level 3 or CIPS Level 4 course. For more information on funding rules, please click here

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