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Improve procurement skills in your organisation with short commercial courses delivered by MCIPS qualified tutors with decades of procurement industry experience. Below are our most popular courses. These can be delivered off-the-shelf, or amended to suit particular business issues or topics that your organisation would benefit from. Each full course is designed to be delivered over 2 days. However, you can pick selected topics from each course to shorten it, and/or split over as many sessions as you wish. We can host on your premises, in a training location, or online.

Contract Terms

Understanding the terms of contracts with suppliers is often a key weakness within organisations. This course focusses on the key elements to include in a supplier contract and is ideal for buyers and procurement practitioners at all levels within the organisation.

Commercial negotiation

Train in the art of negotiation and deliver more effective results for your organisation. Participants on this course will understand the dynamics of the negotiation process and learn how to adapt their negotiation technique to achieve their intended objectives.

Supply Chain Strategy

Learn how to align your supply chain systems, processes and flows to match the requirements of the business strategy, and deliver optimum performance. This is a key course for aspiring directors in logistics, supply chain, finance and procurement roles.

Supply Chain Management

This course gives an overview of the activities that link together to make supply chains and how to manage them. Existing supply chain managers will gain a broader insight into the whole supply chain, and for managers in other departments or entering supply chain management for the first time.

Project Management

How change is planned and managed within the organisation is critical to success. This project management course is ideal for any level of manager or director involved in or leading change, and includes a free Slater Austin project toolkit for immediate implementation within the organisation.

Procurement Boot Camp

Everything you need to know about procurement. Evaluate the strategic and tactical approaches your company takes to procurement and compare it to competitors and other industries. Use your company processes to evaluate ways of improving performance.

Logistics Boot Camp

Review your supply, production and delivery performance and compare it to competitors and other industries. Use your company data to evaluate ways of improving performance. This course is ideal for managers and directors in logistics, manufacturing and supply chain functions.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chains tend to be rich in data, but which tools and techniques allow you to make sense of measuring and managing supply chain design, performance and change and to communicate with other areas of the business?

The Role of Automation, Technology and Digitalisation

The concept of technology improving supply chain performance is often simple, but design and implementation are complex, and cost is often high. Recognise how to get optimum payback for investment. This course is ideal for those who have a responsibility for implementing change.

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