Improve procurement skills in your organisation with bespoke commercial courses delivered by our MCIPS qualified tutors with decades of procurement industry experience. Courses can be tailored to your industry or a bespoke need within your organisation, and can be designed in packages from half a day upwards. Customer favourites are as follows, but if you have a particular need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Effective negotiation

Understand how to position yourself against the seller and win. Understand the tools the seller uses to guide the sale and how to counter. Learn how to control the agenda and use key skills in observation to get the right outcomes for your business.

Contract Management and Development

Learn about the key contractual terms, how to manage contracts effectively and how to assess and mitigate risk. Develop the skills to manage and review contracts.

Managing Supplier Relationships and Performance

Assess which relationship style to adopt with each supplier and learn techniques to manage that relationship effectively. Understand the importance of the buyer and the supplier in the relationship and develop tools to generate mutually beneficial outcomes.

Purchasing Risk Management

Brexit and covid left many organisations with supply headaches. Understand the categories of risk in your organisation's supply chain and how to manage them effectively. Determine strategies and processes for contingency. Learn how to engage stakeholders effectively in risk management processes.

Outsourcing - Eyes wide open

Work through the make-buy decision and understand the benefits and pitfalls of the decision-making process. Identify elements that are second-nature to your organisation which need to be conveyed and delivered by your suppliers if you choose to buy.

Procurement for non-buyers

Every organisation buys things, but what is important and how do know if we are doing it well? Learn about the Procurement Cycle, awarding supply contracts and how to manage suppliers. This is a great introductory course that sparks those lightbulb moments.

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Courses can be tailored to the client’s needs & can be 2 day, 1 day or a half day in duration and are designed to solve current business issues.

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