Did you know that the average salary for a procurement professional is higher than it is for HR or marketing professionals?

The Level 6 Professional Diploma is a degree equivalent qualification, allowing you to use the letters MCIPS after your name.

If you're thinking about an alternative to university, take a look at a career in procurement instead. You can earn well as a procurement professional, whilst studying for your MCIPS accreditation.


You can earn well as a procurement professional. The average UK salary for an advanced professional is £86,000 per annum. Moreover, in 2020, procurement professionals received an average 4.9% pay increase compared to a national average of 3.4%.

High Demand

Qualified procurement professionals are in high demand. Procurement is within every organisation, being central to a business’ operations. A role in procurement is an indispensable role, offering job security.


Procurement can be applied around the world, with MCIPS being recognised in over 150 countries. Being highly skilled in your job role will allow you to travel the world with a globally recognised qualification.


There is a world of opportunity out there. Whether you are an employee, contractor or consultant, a role in procurement affords flexibility and variety. In most cases, you can take your career in any direction.


Bored of working a routine job, doing monotonous work every day? In today’s fast-changing business environment, working as a procurement officer offers you many challenging projects such as managing strategies, designing effective supply chain operations and delivering cost savings.

Job satisfaction

Get satisfaction from making a deal? Procurement roles require great negotiation and communication skills, so if you are a somebody that likes meeting different people and building relationships, then a role in procurement may be wise for you.

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CIPS qualifications are highly regarded as the ideal training for procurement professionals of all levels, as they are accredited by the organisation that promotes and protects the high standards of the sector, and therefore it can be trusted that the training and knowledge acquired from these qualifications is of the required standard.

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