So which businesses could be affected by President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear deal?

Boeing & Airbus will be unable to complete $40bn of aircraft sales to Iran as their export licenses will be revoked”. (source: BBC News)

So what does this means for buyers and their suppliers?

Imagine the work that the procurement teams at Boeing & Airbus will have put in to ensure they are ready to go with orders on their suppliers for $40,000,000,000 (forty thousand million) of aircraft sales?

Consider the impact on the suppliers if those orders do not now happen?

Does it leave suppliers at risk if the orders do not get placed and will it impact jobs in those businesses?

Also consider the amount of time buyers have spent selecting & ensuring suppliers are fit for purpose with sufficient capacity, appropriate capability and able to supply at the right price.

The whole thing means less business for US & UK companies and their supply chains.

The sanctions will not just impact in Iran.  The effect will resinate down supply chains globally when you think of similar scenarios across all the industry sectors in the same position as Boeing & Airbus.

President Trump will damage his own US industrial sectors by imposing sanctions, and this shows how he does not think more than one move ahead.

I am no great chess player, but I would love to play chess against President Trump.