Train Your Existing Buyers Using Your Levy

CIPS Level 4 Diploma Course (CIPS Apprenticeship)

Levy pays for CIPS Level 4 Course & Exam Fees

The CIPS Apprenticeship is the CIPS Level 4 Diploma course (Year 1) followed by a case study report and End Point Assessment (Year 2).  Employers can pay for the CIPS Level 4 course using the levy because the CIPS Apprenticeship includes the full CIPS Level 4 course.

How Does This Work?

You can train your existing purchasing, supply chain, contract management & buying teams using the levy to pay for the CIPS Apprenticeship which includes the CIPS Level 4 course in year 1.  If you cannot normally spend your levy then this is effectively a free CIPS level 4 course.

Where Does This Course Run?

We currently run the CIPS Level 4 course as an apprenticeship at our Warrington study centre.  So if you are within the radius of Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Crewe (Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire), then we can accommodate your apprenticeship delegates at Warrington.  We are also working to roll this out to some of our other study centres across the UK.

Can the Training Be Delivered at Our Place of Work?

Yes, if you have a group of 8 or more staff signing up for the CIPS Apprenticeship and your office location is located in the geographic radius detailed above (Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire), then we can deliver the course on site for you.

Will the Levy Pay for CIPS Level 5 & 6?

It is expected that the CIPS Level 5 and level 6 apprenticeship standards, which are currently being developed, will be approved by 2021, and you will therefore likely to be able to use your levy to pay for all three levels and enable your delegates to progress all the way through to MCIPS (Level 6), funded by the levy.  The CIPS Level 4, 5 & 6 course is equivalent to a three year degree.

How Do I Find Out More?

Ask about our next free information sharing course by contacting


Call 01925 717428 (Warrington Head Office & CIPS Centre of Excellence)

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What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The Levy commenced in April 2017. The levy applies to all organisations (public & private sector) based in the UK if their payroll exceeds £3 million.

Employers will pay a levy on their whole pay bill at a rate of 0.5%.

The levy can be used to train existing Buyers via the CIPS Apprenticeship. This means that over a 2 year period the buyer will take a CIPS Level 4 Diploma course, prepare showcase piece of work and a case study, then complete an End Point Assessment to ensure the training is being deployed.

Use your Apprenticeship Levy fund to train your existing Buyers.

You can use your Apprenticeship Levy to train your existing buyers and people in purchasing, supply chain and contract management roles within your business.

The employee can be aged from 21-60+. The CIPS Apprenticeship is aimed at people who have been in a procurement/commercial role for 2 years or more.


Who is eligible?

Any person in the public or private sector who aged 21-60+.  There is no age limit.