Aspire Procurement Training are pleased to announce that they have this week received approval to open a CIPS Exam Centre in Carlisle.

The venue for the exam centre is the Premier Inn M6, J44, Carlisle.

The Carlisle CIPS Exam Centre will open in September 2017 and students can sit their first exams there from November 2017 onwards.

Aspire will initially be running Level 4, 5 & 6 exams at Carlisle.

Mark Parker, Head of Centre commented, “It has taken 6 months to set this up and it has been a long process with CIPS to gain the approval, but we have now achieved what we set out to do, which is to provide a more local CIPS exam facility for our clients in Carlisle and the surrounding area. This move will reduce the cost of travel and the carbon footprint for everyone who has been travelling from Cumbria to Newcastle for their CIPS exams. We continue to develop our CIPS offering in Carlisle and will be offering CIPS Level 4, 5 & Level 6 classroom courses from September 2017”.